The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Best Dental Veneers

The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Best Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are an excellent way of brightening your smile. You will have picture-perfect teeth in a matter of weeks, depending on the state of your teeth. Before you get excited and visit our dentist near you, you have to be a bit knowledgeable on matters veneers. Veneers are majorly for aesthetic value, but the procedure is not as simple, and therefore much thought has to be put into it.

Veneers 101

You most probably have an idea of what veneers are, but we will not take any chances. They are thin layered, tooth-colored materials that are custom made then bonded on to teeth. The main aim is to mask either the color, shape, or help fill the spaces between your teeth. Most importantly, they look exactly like natural teeth.

Veneers can be made of:

  • Porcelain – which is known to be strong and durable. They are easy to maintain since they do not stain easily. Another feature they have is you cannot tell them apart from a natural tooth. Lastly, during the procedure, there is less enamel that is chiseled away before they fit them because they are wafer-thin.
  • Composite resin – these are a bit different and are easy to fix because they are not as strong as porcelain veneers. This also means that you will have fewer visits to the dentist. At times just one visit will be enough. You can save a few dollars since they are a bit cheaper than porcelain veneers.

Before you conclude, our dentist in 76180 can help you to navigate the pros and cons of the two types of veneers. But that’s not all.

Can Anyone Get Veneers?

The answer is yes! It is vital to note that the primary reason for getting veneers is majorly for aesthetics. You might have different reasons, but a cosmetic dentist is better placed to advise you, depending on the nature of your problem. If you have any of the following issues, then veneers would help in fixing:

  • Teeth that are broken or chipped
  • Discolored teeth
  • Irregular shaped or misaligned teeth
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Teeth that are spaced by closing the gap between teeth

It is also important to note that, before you get the veneers, check whether:

  • You have healthy gums and teeth so that the dentist will treat any decay or diseases before you get your veneers.
  • You are a person who loves grinding or clenching your teeth because the veneers can easily break off or chip because they are thin.
  • You are okay with the procedure and its irreversible nature. Some tooth enamel will be lost, and that cannot be recovered. In a way, this is a permanent procedure.

How Are Veneers Bonded to Teeth?

Firstly, you have to brace yourself for at least three trips to the dentist. A consultation will mark your first visit as our dentist discusses your options. The other two will deal with making and applying the veneers. In a nutshell, the process will be as follows:

  • Diagnosis – where you will explain your desires, and we will discuss with you about the limitations and what can be achieved. After an agreement has been achieved, x-rays may be taken to get the correct shape of your teeth and the impressions of your mouth.
  • Preparation – where your teeth surface will be reshaped, and some of the enamel will be removed. The enamel that is removed is usually the same in size as the veneer to be applied. This enables us to make an impression of your teeth which will take an average of three weeks to receive the veneers.
  • Bonding – Once the veneer has arrived, it will be chiseled until it fits the tooth. Then a special cement is applied to bond the veneer permanently to the tooth.

After fixing your veneers, you might need to go back to our dentist in North Richland Hills, TX, for a follow-up. Just remember that you have to take care of them the same way you take care of your teeth. If you take good care of them, they can last up to 15 years. After this period, you can visit Spark Dental Family Dentistry and get your veneers removed and then replaced.


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