Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment in North Richland Hills, TX

Periodontal treatment is an essential component of proper oral health and hygiene. It is a series of procedures designed to diagnose and treat problems related to the gums and other oral soft tissues required to hold the teeth in place.

Unfortunately, periodontal treatment is desperately needed by many Americans. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), the majority of the population of the United States is affected by gum disease because of poor oral hygiene and an unhealthy diet.
If you are seeking periodontal treatment near you in North Richland Hills, or even just a general dentist in, contact us today at Spark Dental Family Dentistry. We utilize the latest techniques and technology to ensure you maintain a vibrant smile with healthy gums.

What is a Gum Disease?

Gum disease is an infection of the soft tissues around the teeth. The infection is caused by plaque, a sticky substance left behind by food and drink. Plaque is actually a thin film of bacteria that adheres to the inner surface of the mouth and can become trapped in the crevices between the teeth and the pockets of the gums.

Gum disease has two stages: gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gingivitis is the early stage and is relatively innocuous, but it can turn into periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is the later stages and can have serious consequences for oral health, including permanent tooth loss.

Periodontal Treatment

If you suspect you have gum disease, our dentist will perform a thorough exam to create a diagnosis. There are several common symptoms to search for, like swelling, discoloration, excessive bleeding, and tenderness of the gum tissues.

If you have gingivitis, then treatment is simple. Our dentist in 76180 will often prescribe antibiotics or educate you on better ways to keep your teeth and gums clean. They then perform a procedure called scaling and root planing, where the pockets of bacteria are removed, and the gums are flattened to seal openings.

If you have periodontal disease, then treatment is more drastic. You might require flap surgery, bone or tissue grafting, scaling and root planing, and intensive restorative work. We can replace teeth with implants or dentures if the disease has caused permanent tooth loss. We also offer services in Richland Hill, Fort Worth, Hurst, Keller, Watauga, Haltom, Bedford, Colleyville, Melody Hill, and Euless. Visit us today!

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