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Most adults don’t want to wear metal braces to correct their crooked teeth. Unless their teeth are severely misaligned, then metal braces may not be necessary. For mild to moderate cases of misaligned teeth, dental patients may be able to use Invisalign®️ aligners to straighten them. You can reach out to our dentist in North Richmond Hill for Invisalign treatment and any aftercare that you may thus need.

Who are Good Candidates for Clear Aligners

If you choose to use clear, plastic aligners to correct malocclusions, then one of our dentists with experience prescribing Invisalign to straighten teeth will examine your teeth to make sure you’re a good candidate for them.

Good candidates are older teenagers and adults who can follow the strict instructions that people wearing the aligners must follow. Busy people are also good candidates because the aligners require fewer appointments with our dentists in North Richland Hills and those who have more moderate to mild teeth alignment issues.

How does Invisalign Work?

When your dentist in 76180 orders the aligners, they come in sets of trays that you wear for about two weeks. Each tray is a little tighter than the previous one, which gradually moves your teeth into proper position at about 1/10mm per day.

When you are almost finished with a set of trays, you need to visit our dentists at Spark Dental Family Dentistry to make sure your teeth are as desired. If not, then the previous set of trays may need repeating to align your teeth.

Using Clear Aligners

Since aligners have several advantages over braces, they’ve become a popular option for straightening teeth. One advantage is that you only need to wear them 20 hours a day. This time limit lets you take them off when eating or napping. Being able to take them off when eating keeps them cleaner, and you don’t have the same food restrictions as people who get traditional braces.

Also, since the plastic is flexible, they are more comfortable than braces, and your activities are not restricted because you can take them off to play sports. If you need your teeth corrected, consult with one of our dentists in North Richland Hills. You can also avail of the services in surrounding locations including Richland Hill, Fort Worth, Hurst, Keller, Watauga, Haltom, Bedford, Colleyville, Melody Hill, and Euless. Schedule an online appointment at our dental clinic today!

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