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Dental Emergencies: What They Are and What You Should Do

Accidents are mostly unavoidable and may catch you off guard now and then. You have to be well prepared for you to handle a dental emergency properly. It is quite vital to have an emergency contact of our emergency dentist near you at all times.

This is because dental emergencies need to be looked into promptly, to rule out loss of teeth or any form of permanent damage.

What Doesn’t Pass As Dental Emergencies

There are times when you will experience some dental issues that can wait for a day or so. If this is the case, then it isn’t an emergency only if you know how to take good care of yourself before you get to our dentist.

If, for example, you have a cracked tooth and you are in pain or some of the pieces are in your mouth causing you to bleed, then this is an emergency. But if the tooth is fractured and you aren’t in pain, then it is not an emergency.

At times even a toothache can wait if the pain is not that severe. The question is, what qualifies as a dental emergency?

Dental Emergencies 101

You need to know some of the frequent emergency dental incidences that can occur, and what you need to do when you find yourself in such a scenario.

1. Fractured or Cracked Tooth

If your tooth is cracked and is causing you pain, you should go in and see our dentist in Richland Hills, TX, as soon as you can.

With such a case, start by gently rinsing out your mouth with warm water. If the fracture was as a result of external trauma or accident, it is advisable to apply a cold compress onto the affected area to cut back on swelling.

Then go to our dentist, who will determine the next cause of action after taking an X-Ray of the affected tooth. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need your crown replaced or a root canal if your tooth pulp was damaged in any way.

2. Knocked-out Tooth

Addressing a knocked-out tooth as soon as possible can mean a whole lot of difference between losing your tooth and having it successfully preserved and reattached.

You should retrieve your tooth and ensure that you do not interfere with the root, clean it out by rising it gently. At this point, you can try and gently reattach and bite down gently to hold it in place.

If this is not possible, you can carry it in a container or cup of milk to ensure it says moist as you make your way to our dentist in 76180 for reattachment.

3. Loose Teeth

If you have a tooth that is out of alignment, you should attempt to push it back to its position gently and bite down to keep it in place while you promptly make your way to our dentist in 76180, who will stabilize it.

4. Jaw Fracture

A jaw fracture can result from trauma and can be excruciatingly painful. If you experience this, apply a cold compress immediately to reduce facial inflammation, as you make your way to our dentists for treatment.

5. Facial Injuries

Injuries sustained inside the mouth, such as tears or lacerations to the cheeks or tongue, can cause significant bleeding.

You should clean the injury with warm water, put a gauze if possible to stop the bleeding, and visit our dentist in Richland Hills, TX, for immediate treatment.

6. Severe Tooth Infection

This condition is quite severe and life-threatening in some cases. It would be best if you had any abscess opened and drained by our emergency dentist near you as soon as possible.

Any of these scenarios qualify your dental case as an emergency, and our dentist in 76180, is available even after hours to help you remedy your problem as swiftly as possible.

You may also be faced with any of these dental emergencies at one point or another. If so, it is crucial to stay calm and reach out to our dentists at Spark Dental Family Dentistry, who are prepared to handle these cases swiftly.

Our dentists are available to also cater to after-hour emergencies, and you are guaranteed to have all your worries sorted out promptly.


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